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  • Writer's pictureWendy Oliveras, MS

From Boots to Shess-Preneur to Business

Empowering Women Vets Through Basic Chess Strategies

On April 27, 2017, I had the honor and privilege of presenting my SHESS empowerment workshop for women vets through basic chess strategies at the Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs in Rocky Hill, CT. Special thanks goes out to Brian Lafauci, Project Manager at VBOC for coordinating the workshop, Center for Women & Enterprise, the SBA, and Commissioner Sean M. Connelly for dropping by and listening in on our basics of chess segment of the workshop.

Truth be told - these amazing and intelligent women vets are entrepreneurs who aspire to do great things. I first taught them the basics of chess, provided them with an opportunity to actually apply what they learned on real chessboards, and then introduced my SHESS Ideology and how it is directly connected to chess, life, and business in a very unique way. They also learned how chess is a fun way to empower themselves through strategies and tactics that are inherent in this fascinating board game. We all had a great time!

There was a moment of true happiness and accomplishment for me when I looked around the conference room table and witnessed how these women, who have never played chess before, were so engaged in their games and eager to learn more. All I can say is that I was proud of them for taking out the time to learn something new and willing to take further steps to help them become better strategic decision-makers in life and business.

Some workshop testimonials:

“This workshop was well put together and very helpful for not only a business starter, but for all aspects of life!” – L. Hart

“The combination of learning chess and understanding how the mental game can be applied to your everyday life – it reminded me it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them!! Excellent and informative – thank you Wendy!” – E. Hein

“This was a wonderful workshop. I am left feeling empowered, inspired and ready for success! – Thank you!” – B. Colley

“Please share the Power Point Presentation deck. I would like to share with my two daughters ages 20 and 24 to empower themselves as well! Thank you!” – S. Murray, SVP (1st)

"I have told several colleagues about your book, and I am going to purchase a few chess boards to have lunchtime competitions with my teams. All are very excited to sharpen their skills and a few are eager to learn since I explained the many benefits of the game and how we can apply SHESS to our day-to-day “Game of Life!” - S. Murray, SVP (2nd)

“Amazing! This workshop should be taught everywhere - schools, colleges, everywhere! Thank you!” – L. Facchini

Thank you ladies for your honorable service to our country! I am thrilled to know that you are now motivated SHESS-Preneurs in your game of life! I look forward to following your entrepreneurial journeys. – Wendy Oliveras


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