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We listen carefully to what your needs are; then we create tactical SHESS moves to help you achieve your personal and business goals.

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Startup & Entrepreneurship

Our professional and friendly mentorship strategies are designed to guide the entrepreneur or inventor to fulfill dreams of small business ownership. From conceptualization to implementation, we are with you every step of the way and beyond. 


We offer unique tactical SHESS moves for:

  • Startup Advisory; Business formation, EIN, and registration

  • Business Plan Advisory

  • ​Minority/Woman-Owned Small Business Certification

  • Government Contract Procurement Advisory

  • Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

  • Grant Proposal Writing

  • Import & Export Advisory

  • Business Development & Globalization

  • Human Resources and Talent Management Strategies

  • Recruitment, Staffing and Retention Advisory

  • Life/Career Planning & Development

  • Marketing, Social Media, and Brand Strategies

  • Document Translation & Global Communications (100+ languages)

  • Website Development & Gamification App Advisory

  • Professional Headshots and Industrial Photography

Startup & Entrepreneurship

Training & Development

Our strategic corporate initiative provides individuals and organizations in the corporate, education, non-profit, and government sectors with unique training and development programs. These programs are customized and designed to stimulate positive change for sustainable growth, build teams, promote inclusion and diversity, inspire creativity and productivity in the workplace, and motivate leaders and employees for future success.


We offer proprietary Master SHESS Training Programs that are more than just lectures, webinars, or workshops. Our approach is exceptionally focused on real chess tactics and strategies which help build confidence, effective problem-solving techniques, and goal setting practices at all levels. 

Here are some of the most popular programs we offer:

  • Checkmate Moves for Business Startups: Empowerment and Chess lessons for Women in Business

  • Startup Hacks: 15 Legal Contracts Every Business Owner Should Have 

  • Intellectual Property Basics: Inventorship and Small Business Guide

  • Executive Problem-Solving Tools and Tactics for Entrepreneurs

  • From Ordinary to Remarkable Business Leadership

  • From Authorship to Startup: How to launch a business based on what you know and love

  • Small Business Financial and Growth Planning Tactics

  • Leadership Training and Mentorship Strategies

  • Tactical Advantages of Having Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

  • 2021 Top Job Search Strategies during COVID

  • Working at 50+ and Staying Competitive in Today's Job Market

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Training & Development
Thinking of Ideas

Inventorship Hacks

Are you someone who has a great idea for either a product or service and don't know what to do next? Having an understanding of what intellectual property ("IP") is and assessing if you need it or not is critical for your future business success. Learning how to protect your IP from potential infringers is a smart tactical move to help build your new business venture.


We have an excellent Intellectual Property Advisory team with 40 years of experience in the field and who are ready to assist and guide you in the right direction. Let's team up and get you jump started with our strategic IP hacks, including:

  • Patents

  • Trademarks

  • Trade Secrets​

  • Copyright

  • Authorship

  • Licensing

Inventoship Hacks

Small Business Financial Advisory

Our finance advisory team is ready to help executives, small business owners, independent professionals, and their families with the following diversified financial solutions and services:

  • Accounting and Tax Advisory

  • Medical Billing

  • Debt Collection Defense Advisory

  • Financial Planning and Retirement Advisory

  • Business Funding Advisory and Commercial Financing

  • Business Growth and Strategic Marketing Advisory

  • Real Estate Advisory and Consultancy

  • Surety Bond and Workman's Comp Advisory

  • Property and Casualty Advisory

  • Residential Mortgages Advisory

  • Title and Settlement Advisory

  • Industry Leads Marketing Advisory

Business Conversation
Small Busness Financial Advisory
Judge Gavel

Small Business Legal Advisory

We offer comprehensive legal and corporate advisory solutions for small business owners, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, and inventors. Our legal and corporate team provide guidance for corporate compliance, protection of ideas, products or services, and general business matters. Our goal is your success. 


Legal and Corporate Advisory Solutions include:

  • Corporate and General Business

  • Intellectual Property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing)

  • Labor & Employment

  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate

  • Trusts & Estates

  • Immigration


SHESS Global Alliance, LLC (“SGA”) is not a law firm, but forms alliances and partnerships to offer a platform of expertise in legal, financial, and business matters. SGA’s information and representation on this site or otherwise are intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter. You should not act or refrain from acting on the basis of any content included in this site without seeking legal or other professional advice.

Small Business Legal Advisory

Empowerment Chess Lessons For Women In Business

“SHESS” is a creative play on two words “she” for female and “chess” for the game. Together these words represent “your game of life.” - Wendy Oliveras, Author




Ladies, what smart moves are you making for your success? As an avid chess player and small business consultant, I want to not only inspire you to start your own business, but be motivated to learn to play chess as well. Yes, I know. You’re probably surprised to read I want to encourage you to learn to play chess. But my ulterior motive is to educate you and demystify how chess, life, and business are actually interconnected. 


In my new book, Checkmate Moves for Business Startups, I explain how you can apply basic chess strategies successfully into your daily life patterns while gaining confidence in your abilities. You will also gain tactical advantages from gameboard to life and develop analytical patterns to help solve your problems with more focus and logical clarity.


Checkmate Moves for Business Startups is a unique empowerment guide for women in business. You are just like a Pawn piece in chess which has the ability to promote itself to become a Queen. Start thinking like a chess player and begin promoting yourself from a Pawn in life to a SHESS Queen in business! 


Sign up here to get more details and information on our upcoming Master SHESS Empowerment and Chess Program for Women in Business. Class topics include: 


  • Introduction

  • Analogies Inherent in Chess, Life, and Business

  • Women in Business and the Master SHESS Ideology

  • Identifying and Observing Opponents in Life and Business

  • Endgame Visionary Strategies to Set and Accomplish Goals

  • Smart Tactics to Help You Solve Problems

  • Startup Checklist for the SHESS Queen in Business

  • Top 10 Mistakes You Must Avoid in Business

  • Best Moves for Your Future Success

  • Learn to Play Chess and Have Fun! (Includes live interactive online chess lessons to start your SHESS journey!)


Pre-registration will be required. Classes are intimate and hold six participants at a time.

Women Playing Chess
Chess Lessons for Women in Business

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