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Shess Global Training Academy

Discover A Smarter Way To Learn

Set and achieve goals through motivation and personal growth with live online sessions, personalized 1-on-1 virtual training, and complete corporate solutions.

Audience and Lecturer

Empowerment & Self-Growth

The reality is self-empowerment only works when you have a willingness to change and a commitment to improving something about yourself. There’s no magic potion you can take to fix negative things, but you can change the way you think and react to things more positively. Dare to take risks without fear of the unknown, failure, or even success. It’s time to get empowered!

Entrepreneurship, Startup & Small Business Development

Being a risk-taker, starting and growing a business takes time, planning, financing, and absolute dedication. Realizing your dream of being your own boss and creating financial independence is exactly what we can help you with. Nothing can stop you now!

Chess for Women in Business

“SHESS” is a creative play on two words “she” for female and “chess” for the game. Together these words represent “your game of life.” What smart moves are you making for your future success?


See what our SHESS students have to say.

"Wendy Oliveras is a true professional. Not only is she knowledgable and a great communicator, but she is also caring. I attended one of her SHESS empowerment workshops and am extremely happy I did! I am applying the chess strategies that Wendy taught us daily and successfully in my own business. Thank you, Wendy!"

Evy Havlik

“This was a wonderful workshop. I am left feeling empowered, inspired and ready for success. The combination of learning chess and understanding how the mental game can be applied to your everyday life – it reminded me that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them! Excellent and informative – thank you Wendy!”

Bethany C

"Please share the PowerPoint presentation deck. I would like to share with my daughters ages 20 and 24 to empower themselves as well! This workshop should be taught everywhere - schools, colleges, everywhere! Thank you!"

Lugina F

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