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Image by Balaji Malliswamy
  • Writer's pictureWendy Oliveras, MS

June 19, 2021: ASWIFTT RADIO - Checkmate Moves for Business Startups with Host Brenda Diann Johnson

ASWIFTT RADIO Host Brenda Diann Johnson discussed with her guest and author, Wendy Oliveras, empowerment of women in business, entrepreneurs, identifying opposition, and smart tactics to help solve problems.

In Wendy's book "Checkmate Moves For Business Startups," she helps women to confront what's holding them back from success. She also encourages women to use her unique and powerful SHESS Ideology to master challenges in their personal and business lives. Wendy takes a strategic approach to help women and young girls see their ability to change the world by making SHESS moves in life situations. She gives steps to starting and running a business, and she offers practical advice that gives smart solutions to problems.


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