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Image by Balaji Malliswamy
  • Writer's pictureWendy Oliveras, MS

Life Chess for Women in Business (Shess-Preneurs)

Fun Workshop Empowers Women in Business through Basic Chess Tactics

It was so much fun teaching the basics of chess to women entrepreneurs at the Multi Arts Academy in New Jersey. They not only learned to play chess, but they understood the analogies inherent in chess, life, and business. While aiming to learn something new, all attendees walked away feeling inspired, motivated, and confident to make new changes in their lives and business endeavors. The SHESS Ideology is working for women in business. I am proud of that accomplishment and will continue to empower women in business through basic chess strategies.

Thank you ladies for some notable testimonies:

"If you have not attended a SHESS Global Alliance workshop, you are missing out on an incredibly informative and fun workshop. Not only did I learn the basics of how to play chess, but more importantly, it was an absolute eye opener for me to learn how a game of chess could correlate with business and everyday life. I Thank Wendy Oliveras for this wonderful workshop. Every move I make now in my business is not made without me thinking back to everything Wendy taught us at the workshop.This is an excellent workshop. I will highly recommend." - Ivelisse H.

"I never thought how chess strategies can help us in real life. The "SHESS Ideology" is incredible. This workshop is really useful." - Luana R.

"Overall, the workshop was great and Wendy was EXCELLENT!" - Gladys R.

"Learned how to play chess. Motivated to empower young women and spread the word that playing chess can help you to succeed." - Freida M.


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